What does Antioxidant mean?

Antioxidant meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance that reduces damage because of air, like that due to free-radicals. Well-known antioxidants feature enzymes and other substances, eg supplement C, e vitamin, and beta carotene, that are with the capacity of counteracting the harmful aftereffects of oxidation. Anti-oxidants are also generally put into foods like vegetable oils and prepared meals to prevent or postpone their deterioration from action of air. Anti-oxidants may possibly lessen the dangers of disease. Antioxidants demonstrably slow the progression of age related macular degeneration.

Antioxidant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1920 (letter.); 1932 (adj.), from anti- + oxidant.

Antioxidant meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term regularly describe specific feeds; identifies c or other things which has substances that prevent the means of oxidization.

Antioxidant meaning in General Dictionary

material that prevents oxidation or inhibits responses marketed by oxygen or peroxides

Sentence Examples with the word Antioxidant

As for diet, the suggestion was to avoid refined carbohydrates and increase intake of antioxidant foods.

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