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Antioch tall School.It's a really ugly and rundown college & a disgrace toward town.Most teens which go to that terrible hell opening, are hellof ratchet, ghetto, ignorant, don't have any course, no manners, bad behavior, bad mindset & have no idea tips act in society .The students moms and dads are likely on welfare and employ their inspections purchasing them clothing, shoes, and accessories once they is investing it on even more crucial necessities since they understand they truly are hellof broke but want to act like their particular maybe not by buying expensive clothing.AHS has also suprisingly low CELEBRITY evaluation scores as a result of all the student systems decreased knowledge & learning capability.36per cent associated with pupil human body either go to in a continuation school or drop out altogether.If that wasn't enough, even their sports teams perform badly.The football group, cheerleaders, & their softball group appear to be the worst.Chlamydia is a tremendously common STD to capture at that college.nonetheless,6 girls and boys were believed to have Syphilis (look it up it is an STI) which could be a little more dire.There had been a rumor at DVHS, their even more educated competing school, that people had HELPS or Herpes but all of that ended up being was a rumor taken out of proportion simply to bash regarding teenagers therefore the college. Just also deduce, the students at Antioch High aren't bad individuals.Just extremely defectively behaved, ignorant, ghetto, ratchet, classless, reasonable real time young adults that only value their particular picture.Not all pupils at that school are just like something that's typed above.Itis only most.