What does Antimony mean?

Antimony meaning in General Dictionary

An elementary compound resembling a metal in its appearance and physical properties but in its chemical relations of the class of nonmetallic substances Atomic body weight 120 expression Sb

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  • a metallic element having four allotropic types; found in a multitude of alloys; within stibnite
  • An elementary substance, resembling a metal with its look and real properties, but in its substance relations of the class of nonmetallic substances. Atomic body weight, 120. Icon, Sb.

Antimony meaning in Medical Dictionary

A silvery-white earth steel which at large amounts are poisonous. Antimony occurs obviously inside planet. Antimony ores are mined after which mixed with other metals to create antimony alloys or along with air to create antimony oxide. Antimony breaks quickly, nevertheless when blended into alloys, its found in lead storage space battery packs, solder, sheet and pipe metal, bearings, castings, and pewter. Antimony oxide is put into textiles and plastics to prevent all of them from catching fire and is also found in paints (especially enamels), ceramics, and fireworks.

Antimony meaning in Etymology Dictionary

brittle metallic element, early 15c., from Old French antimoine and directly from Medieval Latin antimonium, an alchemist's term (used 11c. by Constantinus Africanus), origin obscure, most likely a Latinization of Greek stimmi "powdered antimony, black antimony" (a cosmetic always color the eyelids), from some Arabic term (such al 'othmud), unless the Arabic term is through the Greek or the Latin is from Arabic; most likely finally from Egyptian stm "powdered antimony." In French people etymology, anti-moine "monk's bane" (from moine). While the name of a pure element, it is attested in English from 1788. Its chemical sign Sb is actually for Stibium, the Latin title for "black antimony," which word had been made use of additionally in English for "black antimony."

Antimony meaning in Symbols Dictionary

Alchemical logo for antimony.

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  • Resembling a cross between a lyre and a trident, this symbol is an alchemical marker for antimony.
  • very early substance symbol for antimony.

Antimony meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An elementary substance, resembling a metal with its appearance and real properties, however in its chemical relations from the course of nonmetallic substances. Atomic weight, 120. Expression, Sb.

Sentence Examples with the word Antimony

His first original paper (1799) was on the compounds of arsenic and antimony with oxygen and sulphur, and of his other separate investigations one of the most important was that on the compound ethers, begun in 1807.

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