What does Antigone mean?

Antigone meaning in Names Dictionary

Daughter of Oedipus.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: feminine

Antigone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

girl of Oedipus, her title may indicate "in host to a mother" in Greek, from anti- "opposite, rather than" (see anti-) + gone "womb, childbirth, generation," from root of gignesthai "becoming created" associated with genos "race, delivery, descent" (see genus).

Antigone meaning in General Dictionary

(Greek mythology) the girl of King Oedipus just who disobeyed her dad and was condemned to demise

Antigone - German to English

Antigone [Sophocles]

Sentence Examples with the word Antigone

Peleus took refuge in Phthia with his uncle Eurytion, who purified him from the guilt of murder, and gave him his daughter Antigone to wife, and a third of the kingdom as her dowry.

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