What does Anticoagulant mean?

Anticoagulant meaning in Medical Dictionary

a real estate agent that is used to avoid the forming of bloodstream clots. Anticoagulants have various utilizes. Most are useful for the prevention or treatment of problems characterized by abnormal blood clots and emboli. Anticoagulant drugs feature intravenous heparin, which acts by inactivating thrombin and several other clotting facets which are required for a clot to create, and oral anticoagulants particularly warfarin and dicumarol, which act by suppressing the liver's production of supplement K'dependent facets which can be crucial to clotting. Anticoagulant solutions are useful for the conservation of kept entire bloodstream and blood fractions and hold laboratory blood specimens from clotting.

Anticoagulant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1905, adjective and noun, from anti- + coagulant.

Anticoagulant meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term familiar with reference any drug that is used to decelerate or end the clotting of bloodstream for medical reasons.

Anticoagulant meaning in General Dictionary

medicine that prevents or retards the clotting of bloodstream

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Anticoagulant meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a material that stops the clotting or thickening of blood.