What does Anticipation mean?

Anticipation meaning in General Dictionary

The work of anticipating taking on placing or thinking about one thing beforehand or ahead of the proper time in natural purchase

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  • an expectation
  • anticipating with confidence of fulfillment
  • the act of forecasting (as by thinking about the future)
  • something expected (as on such basis as a norm)
  • The act of anticipating, taking up, placing, or thinking about some thing beforehand, or ahead of the appropriate time in normal order.
  • earlier view or effect of what is to occur; instinctive prevision; foretaste; antepast; because, the anticipation of this joys of paradise.
  • Hasty notion; intuitive preconception.
  • The commencing of one or maybe more shades of a chord withu000du000a or during the chord preceding, developing a temporary discord.

Anticipation meaning in Medical Dictionary

The progressively earlier on look and enhanced seriousness of an ailment from generation to generation. The trend of anticipation was once considered to be an artifact, but a biological basis for this happens to be discovered in many hereditary problems, particularly myotonic dystrophy and Huntington disease.

Anticipation meaning in Law Dictionary

The act of performing or taking anything before its proper time. In conveyancing, anticipation may be the act of assigning, billing, or otherwise coping with earnings before it becomes due. In patent law, a person is thought to have now been anticipated when he patents a contrivance currently known within the limitations of country granting the patent. Topliff v. Topliff, 145 U. S. 156, 12 Sup. Ct. 825, 36 L. Ed. 658; Detroit, etc., Co. v. Renchard (C. C.) 9 Fed. 298; National Hollow Brake Beam Co. v. Interchangeable Brake Beam Co. (C. C.) 99 Fed. 772.

Anticipation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Latin anticipationem (nominative anticipatio) "preconception, preconceived thought," noun of action from previous participle stem of anticipare "take care of in advance" (see anticipate). Meaning "action of getting excited about" is from 1809.

Anticipation meaning in Sports Dictionary

way of turning or twisting the upper human body with a ski pole grown when you look at the anticipated course of a turn before starting the change. (sport: Skiing)

Anticipation meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Accounting: To counterbalance losings against future or unrealized profits. 2. Banking: to repay that loan prior to the end of their timeframe.

Anticipation meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Lat. ante, before + capere, to simply take) The foreknowledge of future events and experiences. Anticipation, as opposed to hope, is presumably immediate and non-inferential cognition into the future. See Hope; Foreknowledge. -- L.W. In Lucretius, the Scholastics, Fr. Bacon, and Leibniz, it means a hypothesis without confirmation.

Anticipation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of anticipating, taking on, placing, or considering anything beforehand, or ahead of the proper time in normal purchase.

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  • (letter.) Past view or effect of something to happen; instinctive prevision; foretaste; antepast; since, the anticipation of joys of heaven.
  • (n.) Hasty thought; intuitive preconception.
  • (letter.) The commencing of one or maybe more shades of a chord with or during chord preceding, creating a momentary discord.

Sentence Examples with the word Anticipation

Thenceforward, in the Hellenistic kingdoms of the East the worship of the living sovereign became the rule, although it appears to have been regarded as given in anticipation of an apotheosis which did not become actual till death.

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