What does Antibody mean?

Antibody meaning in General Dictionary

Any of different figures or substances when you look at the bloodstream which perform in antagonism to harmful foreign figures as toxins and/or germs making the toxins regular bloodstream serum apparently includes numerous antibodies as well as the introduction of toxins or of international cells additionally stimulates production of their certain antibodies by the immune protection system

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  • any one of a big selection of proteins generally within the body or manufactured in reaction to an antigen which it neutralizes, therefore creating an immune response

Antibody meaning in Medical Dictionary

An immunoglobulin, a specialized immune necessary protein, produced because of the introduction of an antigen into the human body, and which possesses the remarkable capacity to complement the antigen that triggered its production.

Antibody meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"material created in blood as an antitoxin," 1901, a hybrid created from anti- "against" + body. Most likely a translation of German Antik

Antibody meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A protein in your body that is designed to battle condition; antibodies tend to be brought on by the clear presence of specific antigens when you look at the system.

Antibody meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a protein substance stated in the bloodstream or tissues responding to a specific antigen, particularly a bacterium or a toxin, witch destroys or weakens germs and neutralizes organic poisons, thus developing the foundation of immunity. Neutralize an invading foreign broker or antigen, such a virus.