What does Antibiotic mean?

Antibiotic meaning in General Dictionary

of or regarding an antibiotic

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  • a chemical substance produced by a mildew or bacterium that eliminates microorganisms and remedies infections
  • of or concerning antibiotic medicines
  • a chemical compound derivable from a mold or bacterium that may eliminate microorganisms and cure bacterial infections

Antibiotic meaning in Medical Dictionary

A drug regularly treat transmissions. Antibiotics have no influence on viral infections. Initially, an antibiotic had been a substance generated by one microorganism that selectively prevents the growth of another. Artificial antibiotics, frequently chemically pertaining to natural antibiotics, have actually since already been produced that accomplish comparable jobs.

Antibiotic meaning in Law Dictionary

ny substance that prevents the growth of various other organisms. It's regularly treat attacks. Most are synthetically made as opposed to naturally grown.

Antibiotic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1894, "destructive to micro-organisms," from French antibiotique (c.1889), from anti- "against" (see anti-) + biotique "of (microbial) life," from belated Latin bioticus "of life" (see biotic). As a noun, initially taped 1941 in works of U.S. microbiologist Selman Waksman (1888-1973), discoverer of streptomycin. Earlier the adjective ended up being utilized in an expression "maybe not from living organisms" in debates across origins of certain fossils.

Antibiotic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Term regularly make reference to any substance that is used to slow down the development of bacteria or stop it altogether.

Antibiotic meaning in Business Dictionary

Substance (like penicillin) that destroys or inhibits the development of various other microorganisms and is used in the treating external or internal infections. While some antibiotics are produced by microorganisms, the majority are now produced synthetically.

Sentence Examples with the word Antibiotic

They changed the antibiotic again.

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