What does Antibacterial mean?

Antibacterial meaning in General Dictionary

a chemical substance which kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria

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  • killing or inhibiting the rise of germs used and to serum for protection against microbial conditions
  • destroying micro-organisms or inhibiting their particular development
  • any medication that ruins micro-organisms or prevents their particular growth

Antibacterial meaning in Medical Dictionary

Anything that destroys germs or suppresses their development or their ability to reproduce. Heat, chemical compounds particularly chlorine, and antibiotic drug medicines all have actually antibacterial properties. Many anti-bacterial items for cleansing and handwashing are offered today. Such items usually do not lessen the threat for signs and symptoms of viral infectious conditions in usually healthier persons. This doesn't preclude the possibility share of anti-bacterial services and products to decreasing the signs of microbial conditions in the house.

Antibacterial meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

regularly refer to any medicine or health material with the ability to slow down or stop the rise of germs as well as other these types of organisms.