What does Anti-physics mean?

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everybody knows the conventional laws and regulations of physics connect with everyone else and every thing into the world, but every activity has an equal and contrary reaction so it's logical to conclude that physics features an opposite response aswell.Thats where in fact the rules of Anti-physics come right into play, Say you have got an apple falling from a tree, well according to the legislation of anti-physics, somewere in the world there was an apple dropping up-and re-attaching itself to a tree... maybe not on this dimentional plane but its nonetheless happening.The same particular laws and regulations connect with the dimensions of an object (see instance one) the dimensions of the object is so unbeliveably huge it cant be found in a normal dimentional condition therefore the guidelines of anti-physics allow this object to be found in such a little area yet still hold its all-natural large condition (see TARDIS).Another state of anti-physics is the most simplests thus far, this effects your state of mind in a crisis (see example two) evoking the idiot regarding the group to reduce in intelligence to the point had been it cant lower any more and has no option but to improve expenentially picking out an ingenius intend to solve the crisis.Anti-physics are applied to anything with an opposite.