What does Anti-Dick Stage mean?

Anti-Dick Stage meaning in Urban Dictionary

also referred to as post-dick stage, the stage of life that every female goes into into after she completes her pre-dick phase. A female comes into anti-dick phase after she’s already been burned by several bad boys, knocked-up, contracted a VD, gathered financial debt, lost the woman youthful visual appearance, or all of the above. Anti-dick females have a pessimistic mindset towards guys, often displaying gender-neutral behavior not unlike militant feminists. Feamales in anti-dick stage in addition usually have a powerful sense of entitlement; that, despite the excesses of the pre-dick phase, they believe that they still deserve some good, hard-working guy in the future in and clean up their mess: enter Mr sweet Guy. This is where the good man eventually gets some action, but by the time girls get to anti-dick phase these are generally damaged goods. Anti-dick women want a fantastic guy to allow them to have anyone to spend their expenses, look after their young ones and stay their particular crying shoulder. This may actually a man that she previously refused during pre-dick stage because he wasn’t bad guy enough. This now is easier said than done since great men are often also bashful to inquire about the girl away (or might not be interested in a washed-up girl originally). Since females have been trained to always blame great dudes for all their particular problems, an anti-dick girl complains lots about why the men she wants try not to approach this lady with regards to’s obvious that her pre-dick stage behavior is really what caused all this hullabaloo to start with.