What does Anti- mean?

Anti- meaning in Medical Dictionary

Prefix usually meaning "against, reverse or opposing, and contrary." In medication, anti- frequently connotes "counteracting or efficient against" as with anti-bacterial, anti-infective, and antiviral. Often medical terms containing anti- accept brand new definitions since has happened with antibiotic drug and antibody. As a prefix, anti- may be reduced to ant- such as antacid. "Anti" may be the Greek term for "against."

Anti- meaning in Etymology Dictionary

word-forming element definition "against, opposed to, other of, alternatively," from Old French anti- and straight from Latin anti-, from Greek anti "against, other, in place of," additionally utilized as a prefix, from PIE *anti- "against," additionally "in front side of" (see ante). It appears in a few terms in Middle English but was not widely used in word structures until present times.

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Sentence Examples with the word Anti-

Maimonides also wrote an Arabic commentary on the Mishnah, soon afterwards translated into Hebrew, commentaries on parts of the Talmud (now lost), and a treatise on Logic. His breadth of view anti- and his Aristotelianism were a stumbling-block to the orthodox, and subsequent teachers may be mostly classified as Maimonists or anti-Maimonists.

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