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Anthrocoatl is recognized throughout Internet composing workshops and debate community forums as god of punctuation and lord of commas. Anthrocoatl cannot smite for typoes or these types of; however, total and complete neglect for punctuation or contempt for it merits a smite. The god may also call on his supporters to tear out the heart of these who violate his laws and regulations (Anthrocoatl reaches heart grounded in Aztec tradition). The god will not appear only for violations; a follower must invoke title of Anthrocoatl and then he can manifest to destroy anyone who has defiled punctuation. Based on significantly convoluted mythology, the goddess Lucy Fer might either Anthrocoatl's opponent, lover, or fag hag. What therefore about Anthrocoatl's sexuality stays disputed in the scholarly world.Anthrocoatl is god of punctuation because punctuation is arbitrary and difficult to determine or rationalize, however can simply trigger a whole individuals to be destroyed in holy conflicts over a straightforward dispute of interpretations. Therefore it is the perfect fodder of faith.