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an organization that was against Good and pleased Otakus. Primarily to grab every American's interest Those Souls are Evil simply because they had been moms and dads were a component ofSicilian Mafia people and got caught Chakka Chakka Dangerously During final many years Halloween. They acted like Thugs Other Terms, A Communistgroup of Gangsters that think that their Pleased Anti-hero chief who is actually an Ex-German Female Soldier that Role-Plays with InnocentPeople and Invite all of them into the lady into a Creepy ice-cream Truck. Which had all the Houdini Sackamarijuana they may be able Smoke and enough HoneyBuns to last a complete Decademinimal did they understand a CD-R Appeared that granted complimentary Twinkies, totally free Chocolate Pudding and Melted mental performance and believed that Roleplaying is Delighted PiggyStyle Song developed by KiddieScripts! All these Furries understand in life is: Hustle, Get Laid, Draw Furries, and offer their Delighted Dictator this is the Ex-German Soldier alongside with a new Pokémon that moved insane! Recently, that Ex-German Piggy destroyed the woman Chanel Purse in the exact middle of a Parking great deal in which She was later sentenced to Mental Asylum She lied to everyone and Smacked the woman sister with a Can of Nutella that shestole from Toy-mart HandelsgmbH. They moved FreeLoading and Drove all over Oakland, CA until They were caught somewhere Downloading Bestiality Porn and Enjoying Cheesecakes away from Two pets that they Roleplayed with way too much as well as all laughed and said "Now that's that which we call a real Ice Cream container!"