What does Anterior mean?

Anterior meaning in General Dictionary

Before eventually antecedent

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  • earlier in the day eventually
  • of or close to the head end or toward the front airplane of a body
  • a tooth situated at the front of this lips
  • Before in time; antecedent.
  • Before, or toward the front, in position; as, the anterior the main mouth; -- against posterior.

Anterior meaning in Urban Dictionary

an extremely brand-new material musical organization hailing from Wales, UK, made of Luke Davies, Leon Kemp, Steve Nixon, James Britton, and Ross Andrews. They sound similar to Mors Principium Est and arch-enemy with guitar solos from hell.

Anterior meaning in Medical Dictionary

the leading, as opposed to the posterior. The anterior area associated with the heart is toward the breast bone (the sternum).

Anterior meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, Latin, virtually "former," relative of ante "before" (see ante). Associated: Anteriority.

Anterior meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

In veterinary terms, used to refer to leading associated with the human body.

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Anterior meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Before eventually; antecedent.

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  • (a.) Before, or toward the leading, in position; since, the anterior an element of the mouth; -- opposed to posterior.

Sentence Examples with the word Anterior

C, Nearly ripe cercariae; cc, cystogenous cells; dr, daughter-redia; dt, limbs of the digestive tract; f, head-papilla; h, eye-spots; h', same degenerating; k', germinal cell; 1, cells of the anterior row; m, embryo in optical section, gastrula stage; n, pharynx of redia; o, digestive sac; oe, oesophagus.

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