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an online site where you are able to inquire and obtain responses from several different views. You then score member's responses from -2 to +2. You are able to provide a blue celebrity honor for a response that solves your problem you can also provide a jerk prize to a troll.Also called:guycritical.comanswerology.cosmogirl.comanswerology.seventeen.comanswerology.goodhousekeeping.comanswerology.quickandsimple.comanswerology.cosmopolitan.comanswerology.marieclaire.comanwerology.redbookmag.comThis site reaches more or less 86,304 U.S. monthly people. Your website appeals to an extremely rich, a little more feminine than male, 35-49 team. This is the 15,663 best United States web site. the spot that solves my problemsa web page A website a site A website an online site A website a webpage A website a web site A website an internet site where you make inquiries and obtain answers from anonymous people.