What does Anstey mean?

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there has been links back toward 12 century in England for name Anstey and you will find towns in The united kingdomt called Anstey. It is thought that the name originated in Devon, The united kingdomt. It will appear that the city name was taken by some men that existed there and dispersed around England. It is commonly believed that it is not a Celtic name thus discounting the Irish beginning concept. Its a well travelled name with Anstey clans all over the world, particularly USA, Canada, Southern Africa, Australian Continent and New Zealand.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Anstey

This kind of dialogue has been employed in English, and with conspicuous cleverness by Mr Anstey Guthrie, but it does not seem so easily appreciated by English as by French readers.

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