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a rather cool and sexy male. Sometimes in a position to trigger numerous orgasms at a time and able to really shag up relationships. Anson's are recognized to cause a great deal commotion that folks believe their great The dorkiest of dorks. a male title this is the cause of awesomeness. he's no problem with all the ladies and may cause a female to own a climax by simply pointing, winking at this lady and making that small clicking noise. he could be also extremly sports, you can observe him playing football, hockey, and lax (perhaps at the same time). he loves demonstrating other people wrong in which he will always succed. he can be load at occasionally but he does it with swagger. he is virtually a straight up g. people who dislikes about this bro is going jump-off a cliff he's that awesome A slang term utilized only by the elete of Shorecrest. Anson is a phrase always descibe the Randy Ginger transcendent from Jesus himself. It's comenly employed for a situation of head when your therefore fucked up all that you can compare it to will be like Anson himself. An absolutly absurd individual, who cannot drive and is generally on Kpins. You'll track down an Anson down by luring him with cooking pot.