What does Anschauung mean?

Anschauung meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"sense-perception," c.1856, from German Anschauung "mode of view," virtually "looking at," from anschauen "to look at," from Middle tall German aneschouwen (about show (v.)). A phrase in Kantian philosophy.

Anschauung - German to English

(visual) perception

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  • conception
  • beatific eyesight
  • vision of Jesus
  • idea
  • viewpoint
  • outlook
  • view
  • intuition

Anschauung meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

A German term found in epistemology to mean intuition or perception with a quality of directness or immediacy. It's a simple term in Kant's philosophy, denoting what presents materials to the intellect through the types of area and time. These forms predetermine what kinds of things (schemata) could be set-up once the understanding applies its own kinds toward facts of feeling. Kant distinguished "empirical" intuitions (a posteriori) of items through feeling, and "pure" intuitions (a priori) with room and time due to the fact kinds of sensibility. The qualities and functions of Anschauung tend to be talked about in the first unit (Aesthetic) for the review of natural Reason. Caird disputes the equivalence associated with Kantian Anschauung with intuition; but it is difficult to get an English term much more closely regarding the German term. -- T.G.