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Possibly the coolest word to previously exist.ie: insufficient air toward brain. Anoxia is a Gothic steel musical organization which originally formed in 2006, although the present make had not been formed until 2007. Chrystal and Troy are the only two remaining founding people in the musical organization. Other members were added, lost, and changed several times.Chrystal was indeed playing and writing her own songs for a long time, but had never been in a band. Troy was in fact playing electric guitar in his second Metal band when he very first heard Chrystal's songs, and had been enchanted. They started by incorporating Chrystal's haunting piano-based tracks with Troy's steel guitar riffs, which developed one thing unique. They found that her vocals could effortlessly be blended with guitar riffs reminiscent of types ranging from classic stone to the numerous Metal styles that are a number of Troy's most prominent influences, including black material, doom material, energy material, ect.CHRYSTAL: LEAD VOCALS/ KEYS/ MIXING/BACKING VOCALSTROY: GUITARS/ KEYS/ MALE VOCALS/ BACKING EFFECTSDANE: BASS