What does Anorexia mean?

Anorexia meaning in General Dictionary

Want of appetite without a loathing of meals

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  • an extended condition of eating due to loss in appetite
  • Alt. of Anorexy

Anorexia meaning in Medical Dictionary

An eating disorder characterized by markedly paid off desire for food or total aversion to food. Anorexia is a critical mental condition. It's a condition that goes really beyond out-of-control dieting. The individual with anorexia, most often a lady or younger girl, initially starts dieting to lose excess weight. With time, the extra weight reduction becomes an indication of mastery and control. The drive to become thinner is believed becoming secondary to problems about control and worries concerning one's body. The in-patient goes on the endless cycle of restrictive eating, usually to a place near to starvation. This becomes a fixation and is like an addiction to a drug. Anorexia could be life-threatening. Also referred to as anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "lack of appetite," contemporary Latin, from Greek anorexia, from an-, privative prefix, "without" (see an- (1)) + orexis "appetite, desire," from oregein "to want, extend" (cognate with Latin regere "maintain right, guide, guideline;" see regal) + abstract noun closing -ia. In current usage, often short for anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

In veterinary terms, regularly reference the increased loss of appetite or not enough eating.

Anorexia meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a prolonged disorder of eating as a result of loss of appetite, especially due to illness.Anorexia nervosa - a serious eating condition mostly of ladies inside their adolescents and early 20s which characterized particularly by a pathological anxiety about fat gain leading to flawed eating habits, malnutrition, and in most cases extortionate weight loss.

Anorexia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Anorexy