What does Anopheles mean?

Anopheles meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of mosquitoes which are additional hosts associated with malaria parasites and whoever bite may be the normal or even really the only means of infecting humans with malaria Several species are observed in the United States they could be distinguished from ordinary mosquitoes of the genus Culex by the long thin palpi nearly equaling the beak long while those of this female Culex have become quick additionally they believe various opportunities when resting Culex generally keeping your body parallel toward surface which it rests and maintaining the pinnacle and beak bent at an angle while Anopheles keeps the human body at an angle utilizing the area and the head and beak in accordance with it Unless they become themselves contaminated by previously biting a topic affected with malaria the pests cannot send the condition

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  • malaria mosquitoes; distinguished by the person's head-downward position and lack of respiration tubes when you look at the larvae

Anopheles meaning in Etymology Dictionary

genus of mosquitoes, contemporary Latin, coined 1818 by German entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen (1764-1845) from Greek anopheles "useless, upsetting, harmful," from an-, privative prefix, (see an- (1)) + ophelos "use, assistance, benefit" (see Ophelia). So called given that it conveys malaria.

Sentence Examples with the word Anopheles

He further found that only mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles had these cells, and that they did not get them when fed on healthy blood.

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