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Anoka is a pretty unique city. Tucked when you look at the suburbs about thirty minutes north regarding the urban centers. It's typical to feed anoka on highway 10 on your way to St. Cloud. Anoka is Halloween money worldwide (do not believe me? google that shit.) The rum lake operates behind anoka high school, know here for an eclectic population of students; The goth children conceal in the library and play secret, the cultural young ones crowd the leading doors of primary commons, the phony chicks that chill as you're watching deca mart, in addition to some other clicks of hicks, g's, emos, and yaddas slathered throughout the school. Everyone has a tendency to cling to 1 clique or any other at Anoka. Children get annoyed genuine effortless. Consuming is an activity, medications tend to be recreational, taco evening is a must.The high school looks like a concrete jail with a waffle roof inside. We hold some courses in trailers and some within the barns behind the school. The "free lot" is when the kids smoke cigarettes cigs.Anoka hot places and tasks: the aquatic center, rocket playground, cruising main street later during the night, streaking during baseball games, fireworks in the main commons, trend share, crooked lake, third level, grand slam, .... the variety.The rum river dam works through primary road. There's a little stone hut only south associated with the dam. And a retired amphitheater they ought to actually restore.If you're from Anoka you realize the irony in our catch phrase, "Stay elegant, be tasteful, work stylish, Anoka." a city in MN situated on the Mississippi river and Rum river. Has an excellent champ high-school and is also called "The Real A-Town".