What does Anodyne mean?

Anodyne meaning in General Dictionary

Any medication which allays discomfort as an opiate or narcotic anything that calms disturbed thoughts

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  • Serving to assuage pain relaxing
  • with the capacity of relieving pain
  • a medication accustomed relieve pain
  • Serving to assuage discomfort; soothing.
  • Any medicine which allays pain, as an opiate or narcotic; anything that calms disturbed thoughts.

Anodyne meaning in Urban Dictionary

A source of soothing comfort.

Anodyne meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Medieval Latin anodynus "pain-removing, allaying discomfort," from Latin anodynus "painless," from Greek anodynos "free from discomfort," from an- "without" (see an- (1)) + odyne "pain," a word possibly from PIE root *ed- "to eat" (source of Lithuanian edžioti "to devour, bite," edžiotis "to suffer discomfort;" see eat). In old slang, regularly a euphemism for "death;" such as anodyne necklace "hangman's noose."

Anodyne meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Serving to assuage discomfort; relaxing.

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  • (a.) Any medicine which allays discomfort, as an opiate or narcotic; something that soothes disturbed emotions.

Sentence Examples with the word Anodyne

Morphine is the greatest anodyne we possess, and no drug yet discovered equals it in pain-relieving power.

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