What does Annulus mean?

Annulus meaning in General Dictionary

A ring a ringlike component or space

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  • a toroidal form
  • (Fungi) a remnant associated with limited veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar
  • A ring; a ringlike component or space.
  • an area contained between the circumferences of two groups, one within the various other.
  • The solid formed by a circle revolving around a line which may be the plane of this circle but cannot cut it.
  • Ring-shaped frameworks or markings, within, or upon,u000du000a various creatures.

Annulus meaning in Urban Dictionary

A geometric figure.In math, an annulus (the Latin term for "little ring", with plural annuli) is a ring-shaped geometric figure, or even more typically, a phrase regularly name a ring-shaped item. Furthermore always describe the region between two concentric sectors. The adjectival kind is annular (for example, an annular eclipse).The part of an annulus could be the difference between the areas for the bigger group of radius roentgen plus the smaller certainly one of radius r:A = \pi R^2 - \pi r^2 = \pi(R^2 - r^2)\,.

Annulus meaning in Medical Dictionary

A ringlike construction, or any human body component which shaped like a ring. Applied to numerous little ring-shaped structures.

Annulus meaning in Law Dictionary

Lat. In old English legislation. A ring; the ring of a door. Per haspam vel annulum hostii exterioris; by the hasp or band of outer door. Fleta, lib. 3, c. 15, S 5.

Annulus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, health, from misspelling of Latin anulus "little band, little finger ring," a diminutive of rectum (see anus).

Annulus meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A ring; a ringlike component or area.

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  • (letter.) A space contained amongst the circumferences of two sectors, one in the various other.
  • (letter.) The solid created by a circle revolving around a line which is the plane of this circle but doesn't reduce it.
  • (letter.) Ring-shaped structures or markings, found in, or upon, numerous pets.

Sentence Examples with the word Annulus

These constellations were arranged in three concentric annuli, the northern ones in an inner annulus subdivided into 60 degrees, the zodiacal ones into a medial annulus of 1 zo degrees, and the southern ones into an outer annulus of 240 degrees.

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