What does Annuity Certain mean?

Annuity Certain meaning in Finance Dictionary

See 'annuity'.

Annuity Certain meaning in Law Dictionary

n annuity that guarantees a fixed range repayments over its life time. This will be real in the event that celebration life after dark repayment quantity required. When they die a beneficiary receives the payments before the agreement is fulfilled. AKA life annuity specific and life anniuty

Annuity Certain meaning in Business Dictionary

Annuity that, as at least, guarantees a fixed range payments. It continues across life of the annuitant, even when he/she lives beyond the number of repayments specified in annuity contract. In case the annuitant dies before exhausting the repayments, a named beneficiary consistently get the continuing to be quantity. Also called life annuity specific or life annuity specific and continuous.

Annuity Certain meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Funds got from an annuity in the shape of a guaranteed minimal quantity or quantity of payments.