What does Annual Return mean?

Annual Return meaning in Finance Dictionary

1. The sum total yearly return on an investment, which include dividend repayments and capital gains/losses. Deal prices and taxes aren't included.

Annual Return meaning in Law Dictionary

1. a yearly report about a firms functions, composition, and position. It mus be done by included and subscribed corporations. Details on this are stock holders, administrators, fees against a strong, company target, details of members, in addition to last financia

Annual Return meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Annual declaration which gives crucial information on a company's composition, tasks, and financial position, and which needs to be recorded by every energetic included or authorized firm with a proper authority. Under the arrangements of basic business legislation, it must include details such as (1) particulars associated with the stockholders (shareholders), debenture holders, directors, as well as the company's secretary, (2) set of costs (judgments and lien) from the firm's possessions, (3) target associated with the registered workplace and location of the register of users, along side (4) a copy of the latest financial statements. These details is placed on public record, so your lenders alongside organizations dealing with the company will get a 'true and reasonable view' of the condition of their economic matters. 2. Complete annual return from an investment that includes dividend (or interest) and capital gains (or losses) yet not commissions, fees, and taxes. 3. Portion yearly escalation in the value of an investment, adjusted for the effects of compounding.