What does Annotation mean?

Annotation meaning in General Dictionary

A note added by way of opinion or description frequently inside plural as annotations on old authors or on a word or a passage

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  • the work of adding records
  • a comment or training (usually added)
  • an email, included by means of comment, or explanation; -- often inside plural; as, annotations on ancient authors, or on a word or a passage.

Annotation meaning in Medical Dictionary

In genetics, the entire process of determining the areas and coding regions of genes in a genome and determining just what those genetics do. To annotate (irrespective of framework) is include an email by way of explanation or commentary. Once a genome is sequenced, it requires to be annotated in order to make sense of it.

Annotation meaning in Law Dictionary

comment, note, or discourse on some passage of a book, meant to illustrate its definition. Webster. In the civil-law. An imperial rescript finalized by the emperor. The answers of prince to concerns put to him by personal people respecting some doubtful point of legislation. Summoning an absentee. Dig. 1, 5. The designation of somewhere of deportation. Dig. 32, 1, 3. Annua nec debitum judex non separat ipsnm. A judge (or court) will not divide annuities nor financial obligation. 8 Coke, 52; 1 Salk. 36, 65. Debt and annuity is not split or apportioned by a court

Annotation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from Latin annotationem (nominative annotatio), noun of action from previous participle stem of annotare "to incorporate records to," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + notare "to note, level" (see note (v.)).

Annotation meaning in Business Dictionary

Critical or explanatory responses included with a document or literary work after it's been created or published.

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Annotation meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A note, added by means of remark, or explanation; -- frequently inside plural; since, annotations on old authors, or on a word or a passage.

Sentence Examples with the word Annotation

For the press, and with the emendation and annotation of his Conquest of Mexico.

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