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(September, 1841-September 8, 1888) also referred to as "Dark Annie", the 2nd recognized target of Jack the Ripper.Born Eliza Ann Smith, she was hitched in 1869 to John Chapman, a coachman, had two daughters and a son (Emily Ruth, created 1870; Annie Georgina, born 1873; John Alfred, born 1880) with him, plus they existed relatively comfortably for quite a while.Life went awry whenever youthful John was created crippled. After that in 1882, Emily Ruth passed away of meningitis at age 12. surrounding this time, the few began drinking heavily. About 1884, they separated.Annie somehow dropped into the slums of Whitechapel by 1886. John carried on to deliver the lady 10 shillings per week until xmas of 1886, as he died of cirrhosis. Their demise smashed Annie's will to call home.in her own final days, Annie ended up being a homeless alcoholic, residing in lodging houses, attempting to sell plants and crocheting and periodically prostituting herself (despite her basic functions, plump figure, and poor health) to get by.