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is a melt of Anne and Lien. It is a girls name mostly selected by indecisive moms and dads.Girls raised by this type of parents, whenever achieving adulthood, makes crazy noises and faces whenever a picture is taken. In addition, they LOVE tupperware! A very fun girl who NEVER shuts up. She actually is always indeed there for you if you want her. But as soon as she begins to talk, she will not stop. No matter how a great deal you try (HAHA)! But nonetheless, she is always here for you while wouldn't wish trade her the globe. On the most down moments, she states the most arbitrary thing and sets a grin on your face. And when you are in some of those 'I hate individual x' moments, she makes it possible to back-up by spilling all many negative thoughts she has about him/her. (THANK YOU) she is wonderful, amazing, funny, loving, talkative, best! And don't forget: she's a great look that i really like and somethimes miss. Thanks girl, for every thing (:You know you adore me-too ;)XOXO, the latest, funniest, sweetest, cutest (and much more) woman you know (:thank you ;)