What does Annee Annee mean?

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A women which at one-point in time had been a hoer, either physically or psychologically. She is really quite, but sometimes a bitch, more often after that perhaps not she speaks her head which could trigger regrets on the part. Although the woman motto is: i'd instead be sorry for doing some thing after that maybe not carrying it out, because then i would question exactly what if...? She is wise and dull, but features really blond moments. And that's Annee. Annee is one of the most straight-forward folks you may ever before satisfy. She does not bite the woman tongue if she does not like someone or something. Although she comes down as a bitch, she actually is really loving and cares deeply about everybody else. Without getting back at some one, she attempts to view it from their point of view and try to understand their particular circumstance and just why they performed whatever they performed. She doesn't see a big change between compliments and lies because she's been vulnerable. Trusting people could be the hardest thing on her behalf to-do because every person renders. Annee is shy around dudes, but as well out-going. She usually discovers by herself lost in idea during the worst times. Annee is gorgeous, though she doesn't think it. This woman is sort, but also a bitch in the event that you piss her down. She will be nice on occasion. She is an excellent complainer. This woman is original, and you will never satisfy ANYBODY as unusual and crazy as she.