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(1515-1558) The fourth wife of Henry VIII. Following the death of Jane Seymour, a fresh spouse ended up being sought for Henry, but their reputation preceded him; his primary choices refused him, making Anne of Cleves the leading runner. The daughter of a German Duke, Anne had been 24 when she married Henry in early 1540 but, unknown to her until later on, Henry was repulsed by this lady. Referred to as quite by everyone, Henry (who had been almost fifty, overweight, and had leg ulcers by then) stated of his very first picture of her "i love the lady maybe not". Their introduction ended up being a tragedy, because of shared misunderstanding, starting the relationship on a tenuous note.After six months of relationship, Henry had the wedding annulled and agreed to Anne residential property and properties as a swap that she stay in England. In the beginning devastated, Anne accepted and lived her times in wealth, responding to to no man but to Henry, today as their "dear sibling".

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