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(1501-1536) the 2nd spouse of Henry VIII; she refused is their mistress and would just offer by herself to him as his spouse, never ever mind that Henry was indeed married to Katherine of Aragon for more than twenty years.Henry's attempts to discard Katherine, who had previously been capable produce one residing child out-of six, their particular child Mary, and Anne's dedication in order to become the queen sparked the English Reformation.Ultimately, Anne, like Katherine before her, ended up being under enormous stress to bear sons; she was just in a position to bear Henry a daughter, Elizabeth we, a stillborn boy, and miscarried two various other kids. Impatient for a son and fed up by Anne's refusal to switch towards demure, submissive role of a wife, Henry had Anne arrested on fabricated fees of adultery, treason, and incest with her cousin along with her beheaded. The second partner of Henry VIII.She had been beheaded after being his spouse for 3 years.Mother of Elizabeth we