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Annah is a new lady who's quirky and sweet. She is breathtaking and incredibly humorous. She knows she actually is maybe not perfect but has a tendency to take it to far and all sorts of she will see are her flaws which make the woman breathtaking. Often she loves to be alone along with other times she wants to be with people. Regardless it's going to fulfill the woman adequate to make the woman look. Her taste in music is very unique. The coastline is the woman home and the very first snowfall makes the woman giggle from pleasure. Loves boys but tries not to ever concentrate on them. They have a tendency to be let lows and she likes items that will uplift the girl. Gorgeous inside and away. Men be careful. Once you've her do not let get of this beautiful gorgeous spontaneous attractive and quirky girl. Annah is quite uncomfortable, but brave at specific points. The name itself implies 'God has preferred me' therefore Annah is fairly spiritual. Annah is extremely devoted but shy. Additionally title of an indie band in America labeled as "Annah Anti-Palindrome". A classic personality. Sunlight to life. To not be seen erroneously as a best buddy, a lot more of a classroom acquittance. Spends lots of time in bubblewrap and playgrounds. Enjoys top buttons becoming properly fatsened. Does not like eating abroad.