What does Annabeth Annabeth mean?

Annabeth Annabeth meaning in Urban Dictionary

Super cool name. Extremely special like the woman just who is the owner of it. This woman is true to herself and not lets anyone deliver her down. Stunning, sexy girl who's liked by everybody else. She is smart and funny and has a lot of friends. Annabeth are actually noisy, natural, and hyper. She talks a great deal but people do not mind because they are all her pals. Guys need date her and girls want to be the girl. She actually is amazing during intercourse. Annabeth features great locks and a fantastic body, however the most amazing thing about the woman close to the woman character is the woman eyes. She's got the most wonderful eyes being huge and obvious. Annabeth is awesome. This woman is a great girlfriend and certainly will stay faithful although she has a great deal of guys after her. When you yourself have an Annabeth, hold this lady because you are lucky! In case your friend is an Annabeth, never also you will need to compare you to ultimately the girl because she'll always win!