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Anna-Leah's in many cases are shy. However when get nearer to them, it's like you discovered your most loved cousin! A whole lot if the time Anna-Leah's have become caring. If some one gets harmed correct alongside this lady, she would state sorry, which help anyone up. Most of the time, Anna-Leah's aren't sporty, and additionally they won't dare to do a hobby! Anna-Leah's are perf best friends. When it comes to fulfill new best friends, Anna-Leah's picked wisely. They make sure that they'ren't gonna take someone who isn't trustworthy. Ordinarily, Anna-Leah's will be the brainy people in course. Anna-Leah feels in whatever she wants it doesn't matter what other individuals believe. If you'ren't pals with an Anna-Leah, your probably missing out in so much!