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Anna's Taqueria is a tiny string Boston-area Mexican restaurant that serves the very best burritos you have had inside whole fucking life for beautifully low prices. Anna's Taqueria (or Anna's, for brief) currently has five places: Collidge Corner in Brookline, appropriate near Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Davis Square in Somerville, MIT in Cambridge, and Porter Square in Cambridge.CultureAnna's Taqueria is an essential part of suburban life in Boston. Folks from all over the Boston 'burbs- as near as Newton and also as far as Natick- travel, often for more than one hour, merely to consume at Anna's, because itis only that goddamn good. It's surely the focus of Brookline life, and most likely several other nearby suburbs, especially Newton. Those Newton young ones will always eating in our goddamn restaurant.FoodThe most popular food item at Anna's may be the Super Burrito. The Super Burrito is a rather big burrito that may hardly ever cost so much more than six dollars. It is incredibly filling, along with insanely delicious. Probably top feature associated with Super Burrito (and/or "Super" for brief), along with the regular-sized Anna's burrito, may be the way that absolutely nothing previously sheds of burrito. It's completely wrapped. Most of the meals find yourself inside your stomach. Various other preferred food items range from the regular burrito and quesadilla.Anna's is also well known for its great choice of drinks. Widely known drink at Anna's may be the "Jarrito." The Jarrito is a favorite Mexican fruit soft drink that comes in many tastes, most notably Pineapple. Various other popular beverages feature fresh-squeezed orange juice and Juavex, a Mexican beverage that kinda tastes like crap. I'm still unsure why anybody products it.PriceA extremely burrito and a glass or two at Anna's costs between six fifty and seven fifty, depending on precisely what you purchased. If you contain the guacamole, sour ointment, and/or salsa, it can save you to a supplementary buck. If you take your burrito with Al Pastor, regardless of the fuck this is certainly, you save even more cash. HistoryAnna's Taqueria has actually a famous feud using the extremely substandard Boca Grande restaurant (Boca, for short). They've been feuding for just two explanations: A) they've been greatly competitive inexpensive Fresh-Mex restaurants, and B) they're had by Japanese siblings Mariko and Michael Kamio who haven't talked together since their particular father's funeral in 1996.OrderingOrdering at Anna's Taqueria is not as straightforward as someone might think. The procedure is reminiscent of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, just the folks are respectful, courteous, and Mexican. Very first, you approach a Mexican man standing at a metal box. He will address you, usually with attention contact as he does not talk much English. You make sure he understands what type of product you want (regular burrito, awesome burrito, quesadilla, taco, etc.) in which he makes the tortilla. It is critical to make sure to differentiate between a frequent and extremely burrito, typically by saying "regular chicken," "awesome chicken," or speaking Spanish. He passes the tortilla to a man with spoons. He's referred to as Spoon-Handler. You tell him exactly what topings you prefer, and then he sets them on. Then you go directly to the cash register, spend, and eat.Other Mexican Restaurantscannot bother. It isn't worth some time.First time?Are you planning on going to Anna's for your very first time? Good for you! It is suggested you try an excellent Burrito with all the current fixins the Spoon-Handler advises, and a pineapple Jarrito. This is basically the tried-and-true combination which has had made Anna's the best location ever before for as long as I've lived in Brookline!