What does Anna Bligh mean?

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1. Current premiere of Queensland, Australian Continent since 2007, and perhaps the worst.2. Offering females a negative title.3. To sell various other peoples' things without their particular understanding.4. A labor celebration puppet.5. A 59 year old lady whom believes she knows exactly what she actually is doing, whenever she's really making in pretty bad shape of every little thing she touches.After Peter Beattie stop mid-term, Anna Bligh overran the place with no say from general public. She became the first feminine premiere in Australia. She got some things done, and labeled as an early election in '09. After she ended up being elected it was apparent that she had been often a puppet or an evil mastermind.She hasn't held any one of her guarantees, hid the woman plans from the general public, fluoridated liquid supplies, marketed down possessions (privatization) and usually wrecked Queensland.Selling assets is among the worst things to happen to Queensland. Including, attempting to sell off the utility company made bills rise by hundreds. She additionally plans to offer associated with the woodlands - that can not end well.Also reduced to Bligh.