What does Anlage mean?

Anlage meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. In biology, whatever precedes something else. 2. In embryology, a precursor or forerunner or a more mature framework. For instance, the belly anlage. 3. In psychoanalysis, a predisposition to confirmed trait or personality feature.

Anlage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"basis of a later development" (plural anlagen), 1892, from German anlage "foundation, basis," from anlagen (v.) "to ascertain," from an "on" + legen "to set" (see lay (v.)).

Anlage meaning in General Dictionary

an organ in its first phase of development; the inspiration for subsequent development

Anlage - German to English

(natural) propensity (of)

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  • enclosure
  • anlage [genetic predisposition]
  • arrangement
  • investment of cost savings in stocks
  • construction comprising public highways
  • exhibit
  • facility for keeping tiny domestic animals
  • framework and installation for maintaining pets
  • low-budget investment
  • investment in stocks
  • investment in real residential property
  • design
  • processor
  • investment of savings
  • de-icer
  • annex
  • installing [of a park / reasons]
  • structure [drama, novel]
  • feed guide
  • infeed
  • set up
  • plant
  • public green room
  • financial investment
  • natural disposition
  • predisposition
  • inclination [natural interest, proneness]
  • conception
  • complex
  • center [more usually facilities]
  • gear
  • system [stereo, computer system]
  • website
  • grounds {pl}
  • aptitude
  • gift [talent]
  • skill
  • construction
  • personality [to]
  • annexure
  • accessory [to a letter, report etc.]
  • rider

Sentence Examples with the word Anlage

Lindau, Ober Anlage and Entwickelung einiger Flechtenapothecien (Flora, 1888); E.

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