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The commerce and culture hub for the world. one of the better towns when you look at the state.We constantly dominate at each sport. We succeed to state in everything- you identify it. The kids are typical gifted and so are very smart. The town the most fun towns with a shit ton to accomplish. The girls are all beautiful additionally the guys are certain sexy. More fucking boring butt city in all of Iowa. Nothing previously occurs, we have great recreations teams but underpaid teams for academics. Indicates that they value stupidity and normal douchefuckness over actual intellect.We've got some pretty stupid people rather than numerous important ones. If this location had been damaged, nobody would care or observe. Offering like a complete of 4.5 black colored people and a lot fewer Mexicans and Asians (though we hate all of them, specially Gimp). We are dominated by culturally insensitive upper middle-income group white people who have no idea exactly what the offer with the truth is and have no idea what it is similar to to go without their HDTV and American Eagle jeans.(more will be added when I want to vent)