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in some instances can be stubborn and wont believe. Funny. Tends to be great to people, but can be annoyed easily and does not trust well. Has a tendency to have stunning eyes. Extraordinary and frequently called strange or strange but still very amazing. You wont discover another woman such as this. She will be hott and sexy and think she isnt all of that hott. Has actually a really powerful might, can do anything she sets the woman head to. Is extremely stunning and honest. A goddess in man type. A good separate girl would youn't like getting assistance from other individuals. Additionally she actually is extremely breathtaking, sweet, amazing, kind, an amazing mom. She actually is known to be in long connections and have a good man by her side. She will be honest, thoughtful, and caring. There isn't any various other girl like the lady, this woman is outhere, fun, cute, great to-be around, and can make anyone delighted. Her character is a lot like no other so when your lucky enough to possess this girl walk into your lifetime, you never want to let her get. This woman could make any man feel just like a guy. She walks like an Angel, Smiles such as the sunlight, and kisses the lips of an Angel. Frequently is mistaken as an Asian woman, it is a great powerful youthful Latin woman. The Very Best Girl Available.