What does Anime Poisoning mean?

Anime Poisoning meaning in Urban Dictionary

an indicator due to over-exposure to anime. Usually leads to people dressing as figures. (perhaps not for Halloween, just for basic life) Victims also utilize arbitrary mispronounced Japanese terms in conversation. They'll consume sushi or noodles for each and every meal, have actually an unhealthy obsession with ninjas, draw photos of characters, and can require asking if you prefer certain animes. Answering 'No.' will most certainly lead to becoming called 'a giant super-baka'. They often times compose stories featuring anime figures in oddly sexual situations. Some will cary around a notebook which they really think has the power to eliminate. (If this had been real, there would be very little victims from Anime Poisoning. As they'd be lifeless.)Best prescribed treatment is to strike the affected individual when you look at the face. Repeat until cured or lifeless, whichever comes very first.