What does Animal Lobby mean?

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a phrase familiar with explain a team of people who champion the rights of creatures over humans. The group is often very vocal and supportive of animal legal rights. Members are often much more engaged with their pets than along with other individuals.The "Animal Lobby" can also be broken down into smaller subgroups below:The "Cat Lobby" - a massive community mainly made up of of solitary unmarried ladies who champion pet liberties and present even more love toward cats after that folks. People in the "cat lobby" have replaced feline company for male connections. Members frequently gather and feed stray kitties. Members of the cat lobby speak with their particular pets as if they've been men and women. The "puppy Lobby" - a huge system mainly made up of single unmarried women that champion dog rights and express even more affection toward puppies than people. Members of the "dog lobby" have substituted canine companionship for male connections. Many users are usually unmarried females age 35 or over. Joining the Dog Lobby means that a member gave up on searching for a spouse.The "Bird Lobby". An organization that champions the rights of birds over people. The "bird lobby" is composed primarily of never- hitched older ladies who enjoy feeding pigeons. Members of the pet Lobby as well as the aforementioned subgroups are members of PETA also pet liberties groups.