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An alcoholic beverage comprising equal components Mt.Dew, Orange Juice and Vodka. "aggravated Johnny" is a tune by Poe, released as an individual from the woman first album Hello. The track received heavy radio airplay, and an accompanying music video was shown frequently on television. Despite its success and good vital review the only commercial solitary introduced was in Australia; however, a variety of marketing singles had been released around the globe. These included a "Comprehensive Band Version" associated with tune which was more acoustic compared to record variation and heavily showcased cello.The track was also included on 1996 record Big vibrant Tunes.Poe mentions Johnny once again in her own 2nd record album, Haunted, on the track "Dear Johnny". The Johnny in Dear Johnny is the character through the guide House of Leaves therefore the tune is a musical representation for the letters his mommy sends him from a mental institution.