What does Angry Shelton mean?

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A instructor of Paramedic classes that encounters a student induced facial appearance of disappointment dubbed, "THE ANGRY SHELTON". Within minute of emotion she or he utilizes a variety of academic tools to motivate his/her pupils to analyze tough, break them of bieng shy in front of other people and use the class really. Also employed for pupils who break up too-much in class. His/Her aresenol includes, it is not limited to:"Ipod Karaoke"- used for motivation (he's proven to make use of his very own which included songs of genres from Jimmy Buffet to Lil Wayne)"50 Ml bag of 5per cent Dextrose" - used as an alarm time clock (usually targeted at wall behind student or empty seat beside pupil) could be replaced with playing tennis balls and books. In addition utilized as protective measure towards term, "Handle With Diesel""2 Minutes of CPR" - employed for simple-minded mistakes after substantial training or pupils that think about lecture as nap time ("How dare you not know what Asystole is..." and "You dudes look tired..." are usually heard prior to utilize)****NOTE:The Angry Shelton can be known as: "THE LOOK", "Angry Medic teacher" or "AMI", "The Shelton Stare". These appearance are not to-be mistaken for the "Stone Face" look whenever scopes or abilities are bieng preformed, because it just happens naturally of these times, and often suggests you have his or her interest.