What does Angry Seagul mean?

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a mad seagull is a sexual term, it refers to the work of hiding in a cupboard or other product of fixtures and seeing two engageing in a work of enthusiasm for example. fucking eachother mindless, this can be common when a husband is spying on his partner while shes having sex with another person, the work could be commited whilst sipping an energizing beverage, whilst seeing the dirty pervert will toss people self off (for the American visitors, Jerk ones self off) and Jizz into ones hand, he can after that proceed to get rid off their hiding spot and operate at few performing the dirty yelling caaaa caaaa, like a seagull, and waving ones hands in a windmill result, in addition similiar to a seagull, this may indicate ones love potion is flung across horny few rendering all of them both disgruntled and embarresed.