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While seated have some one sitting in your lap, driving your dick. They must be dealing with exactly the same course while you. Whisper lightly in their ear which you have something special for all of them, then out of the blue pull your cock and drive it in their butt. Grab their boobs ferociously and yell "HO! HO! HO!" for added impact. 1. Name provided to an individual who generally is good and joyous, but suddenly tends to make a sarcastic or upset remark this is certainly contradictory along with their usual self. That is comparable to witnessing a usual jolly Santa getting mad for reason and is inconsistent together with personality.2. If in a conversation, this issue is lighthearted and joyous, plus one person tends to make a witty remark that changes the feeling associated with conversation from humorous to that particular of making placed lows, that individual is referred to as an Angry Santa.