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Though I'm sure you do not want to know, an angry dragon is a sexual act carried out by those who obviously experienced some emotional damage at some point within their lives. The "Angry Red Dragon" is spoken about by young adults in hushed sounds, and disgusted tones someplace in the institution yard. Its simply that disgusting, that in the event that you have not been aware of it, you may be extremely lucky.i am aware i know...So what-is-it?Okay i'll tell you.Well, when a woman is on her...ahem...menstruation cycle (for all your foolish shits, the woman durations...) a man in the circumstance (it is possible he may never be a male) would proceed in drawing (thats right, sucking.) the time from opening in the vagina where it exits.No, i did not make this up. Its genuine. And if you have done it, kindly go see a psychologist.