What does Angry Muzzeldini mean?

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The Angry Muzzeldini is bascially a mix between the muzzel loader, the houdini and an angry pirate. To enable an Angry Muzzeldini becoming executed completely the perpitrator will be needing a can of dip (Skoal, grizzly or coppenhagen for most readily useful results) a pal and a bitch whom'll take it inside pooper. Whilst fucking a girl with a pleasant pinch inside lips you are going to scoop from plunge and procede to place the plunge on the inside rim of the woman asshole. You now will pull-out and allow your friend who was hiding into the cabinet turn out and press the dip into her anal area with his penis. Then you will need to run outside and knock-on the screen to demonstrate your ex that you will be no more the one fucking this lady. Your friend will finally pull-out, and when she converts around to see who is really fucking this lady, will nutt in her own attention followed by a swift kick towards the shin. The outcome is a woman with tobacco in her own butt, becoming fucked by a stranger whilst appearing like a pirate.