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The widespread traditional belief your South Indian female is an 'Angry Black Woman', ie. that this woman is a physically dominant & verbally abusive virago who's prepetually emasculating & denigrating males. Essentially, the Oriental & Indian equivalent regarding the Sapphire Stereotype, with both images mutually strengthening each other.Historically, the perception that females hailing from areas of the erstwhile Madras Presidency are shrews is dependent on the traditional rehearse of matriarchy in Malabar. It goes back about into Ramayana, wherein the Dravidian girl is depicted as a 'Rakshasi' or giant black demoness & explicitly called an 'eater of males'. This is certainly many obvious when you look at the character of Tāṭakā, a "repulsive man-eater (puruṣādī) with a hideous face" in who "the ugly, fearsome, & uncontrollably sexualized womanly seems at its many horrific." ('Gendered Narratives: Gender, Area & Narrative Structures in Vālmīki's Bālakāṇḍa' Sally J Sutherland Goldman. In: 'The Rāmāyana Revisited' ed. Mandakranta Bose. 47–85. Ny: Oxford University Press, 2004, p 60) Likewise, Shurpanakha, Aayomukhi & Mandodari are portrayed in the same light.In more recent times, the image of Madrasans while the combative Negresses of Asia was cemented because of the 'Tamil Tigress', who's epitomised by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, the committing suicide bomber whom assassinated Rajiv Gandhi.